Posted by: johannalee | November 5, 2015

Original White Rat

Once upon a time, Johanna Lee was a member of an all-leatherdyke ritual dance group called the White Rats Morris.  (Morris dancing is an ancient kind of ritual dance with the purpose of making the sun rise every year on May Day.  If you are curious, dig around a bit at or google “morris dancing”.)  Most Morris teams don’t have a rat as a signifier animal, they tend to go more for dignified sorts of creatures such as bears or horses.  Joe loved rats though, she used to keep them as pets (I did too).  Anyway, she drew this amazing antlered rat for the team… the first piece of her art that I’ve seen surface in years.  Still my bestest friend ever, and so much more.  Love you, Joe

Joe Rat original White Rat drawing

Thanks to Marian Phillips (also an OG White Rat, and self-described Chief Pack Rat) for hanging onto this piece, outstanding even for Joe.  Note the characteristic thick wooden sticks in each hand and strap-on rows of bells on the calves, characteristic for Morris dancing.

And who could forget the archly comedic wording, here coupled with classic comic-book style lettering in the poster the antlered rat came from?

Joe antlered rat poster


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