Posted by: johannalee | November 24, 2009

The Day of the Dead

spirits walk

Ofrendas for Joe

In San Francisco every year as in many other places large and small people celebrate the Day of the Dead.  This festival comes from south of the border but bears an uncanny resemblance to the Celtic Fire Festival of Samhain.   The nature of San Francisco’s celebration in the Mission District has changed over the last couple of decades or so but it still seemed necessary for our Joe to be commemorated there – she spent a lot of time in the Mission.  (Click here for more background on how it is celebrated in San Francisco now.)  A procession of some thousands of people streamed by on this street, then it was quiet again.  Here are a couple of photos of the ofrendas (offerings) that were set up for Joe.

keeping vigil

keeping vigil

It was set up & guarded by a few people close to the old ways.  A few friends of Joe from different periods in her life came by – Hunter, X, Alix who remembered Joe from long ago gutterpunk days.  Though they are not seen in these images, there were marigolds, the traditional flowers for los muertos, among the offerings.

In these pictures, it appears as if La Llorona has come to sit and mourn for Joe.



Thanks to all who helped this happen.


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