Posted by: johannalee | November 1, 2009

more from Anou

[starting in the late 80s, on through the 90s:]

Jo, Julian, and I used to get a bunch of magic markers and scrounge up all of our change for one ticket to a show, or if there were in and outs, look at someone else’s stamp and then just fake our stamps with the markers.  i used to love to dance in the pit with Jo and Julian, they were both big and strong enough and we used to fling each other around.

I used to work in restaurants and would always hook Jo up with food for free.  i remember her and Mona coming once and sitting down (like real people) (imagine it) and I just kept sending food to their table. Jo could eat some food.

Once Jo and I went to Hopland to some wimmins land and Jo and some other dykes wandered around and found a farm close by where there were experimental animals.. like lambs with 6 legs, they got chased outta there, and i didnt see them.. but we always talked about that.. it really freaked her out.

i remember when Jo was living in the old bank on 21st (i think ) and valencia.  it’s now the social security building.  they broke in thru the slide drawer for transactions.. i think it may have even been the door in and out.  That was always kinda a victory.

When she was real sick at the end .. she told me she saw my dog Mija (who died a long time ago) all the time in her dreams.  and that Mija was helping her.  I didn’t want to cry on the phone so she could hear.. but it meant so much to me.  I always knew Jo was good coz Mija loved her so much and always would go to her.  jo would share anything with you.. I saw her and Mija share food alot and I think just how we have visits of loved ones to help us cross over.  Mija was one of hers.  that was so comforting to me.



  1. damn anou…nice to see your name again…i remember those days like they just happened…no one i mean no one could fake a stamp like we could, huh! lynnee had emailed me to let me know about joe…wish so much i coulda been there…she always loved mija, thought she was the coolest dog ever..glad to know she was there with joe in the end…i like to imagine there were some others there with her too…fiver, quij who knows…right?

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