Posted by: johannalee | October 20, 2009

Starting at the Beginning

Some things I know about Joe:

Joe was named after that Dylan song, Visions of Johanna.

Joe was born in south Florida, but was moved to New England at age 6 – New Hampshire, to be precise. Joe lived in a pretty rural area of New Hampshire.  Joe first left the family home about age 14, may have come back for short stays for a while but never lived there again after age 16.

Joe had the highest English SAT score of anyone in that high school in New Hampshire.

Joe went to college for a short (really short) while, a good school, and lived in Northampton, Massachusetts.

Joe had literally dozens of jobs, generally none lasting, before becoming a “young senior citizen” on income subsidy.  For a while Joe was a bike messenger.

Joe came out to California as part of a wave of young radical women, a group of friends with a web of interconnections.  (more on this by someone who was there at that time here)

Joe visited Seattle & I think Portland as well, and loved it up there, even talked of moving to Seattle in mid 2009, but Joe really loved northern California, and San Francisco in particular, even though the cost of living – especially rents – made it very difficult.  Joe lived in Petaluma (twice) and in the wilds of Mendocino County for a season, and rented houses at different times in Santa Rosa and Guerneville; Joe also briefly stayed in Berkeley quite a number of times, and in Santa Cruz, the place Joe chose as where to depart from mortal life.

There’s a lot more, I will write further when logistics planning for the SF memorial becomes a little less intense, but in the meantime please add what you know, just hit the Leave A Comment link below right or e me.  thanks



  1. joe was one of my first friends in san francisco…she showed me the ropes in the 80’s…not gettin chickenhawked…where to eat for free and get a shower…all the places the majikal women hung at from napa vally to south san fran and beyond…i would have given anything to have been able to see her and hear her visons once more before she left…i also never got a chance to say i was sorry so i am doing it now. i love you jojo…always have been one of my greatest friends…you will never be forgotton… julien of the hags s.f.

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