Posted by: johannalee | October 10, 2009

the goddess’ miracles

Besides the Vanir & the Aesir – the gods of the Vikings – Joe also had a special experience of Brighid, or Brigit, the Celtic goddess of healing, smithcraft, & poetry, as well as of fire and water.  One of the miracles that is attributed to Brighid in Ireland is that She turned a whole lake of water into beer…with all of her intractable difficulties with alcohol, Joe worked to substitute cravings for root beer for cravings for liquor.  We evolved the custom between us that she would ask me to bless it…I would bless the root beer or alcohol free beer (like O’Doul’s, say, at a party) in Brighid’s name and give it back to Joe.  She would proceed to drink it and feel pleasantly tipsy! We did this dozens of times the last several years.  Joe  called it “Brigit beer”.

She also a couple years back started writing a lot as a way to deal with the feelings that made her want to drink or use other drugs, and felt that writing poems as a devotional to Brighid, the patron of all creativity, was really powerful for her.

There is a poem by queer culture pioneering writer Judy Grahn that Joe spoke to me from memory more than once in late summer this year, in the last months, about the ancient Queen Boudicca, it starts:

I am the rock at the lip of the water

I am the wall that refused to be battered

I am the dyke in the matter, the other…

(from A)


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