Posted by: johannalee | October 4, 2009

a life that touched us……… words from Anou

one thing that certainly can be agreed on is that Jo touched everyone she came in contact with.
She had an accidental disheveled way of leaving her mark on your emotions.
In hindsight for some and constant for others what stood out most was her charming wit and brilliant memory.
Her never ending creative sarcastic approach to a life most of us could not have managed. in my opinion she was the strongest of us all.
Her matter of fact approach to the most difficult of situations perhaps led us to believe she would always work a way out.
Her seemingly limitless supply of energy and antics tho they then were frustrating and unnerving now are endearing and nostalgic.
Above all it was that Jo was a teacher. she taught us so many things, patience, kindness, love, forgiveness, understanding. She took all those she touched to a core emotion in some way or another and quite simply we are better because of it. We have all grown and matured, we have all come together and we have all come apart. We are all old enough now to know the difference, Maybe it could be the last thing Jo is teaching us is to come back together and celebrate our differences, our specialness and just let love shine thru it all.
See you later Jo.. you were a good good friend to me. I will never ever ever forget you, thanks for the laughter, the memories, the inspiration and most of all the love.



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